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As some of you may already know, my family and I moved to eastern Washington last summer due to my husband's job. We were mostly met with puzzled looks when we told our family and friends about the move. "Spokane, huh? Hm." Honestly, I didn't know what to expect, having been a coastie most of my life in Oregon and Washington. The eastern and western sides of Washington seem to be a little skeptical of each other. Indeed, the culture and pace of life are quite different! Much to our pleasure though, we've found so much joy since we've moved here. The kids love their new school, we're enamored with our new house, my husband is happy at his job (especially after cutting his communte by almost 2 hours per day!), and I'm slowly getting to know my new area and meeting wonderful new friends. To put it bluntly, we've found emphatically that Spokane doesn't suck (click the link to find a company that made their brand out of exactly that sentiment!). 

The downside of our move is that I've been overseeing our lovey little Des Moines shop from afar while my Girl Friday, Desiree has been fearlessly managing day to day operations. The truth? I miss being there every day, and taking a more "hands off" approach to our retail operations...well, it's bummed me out. I've made the difficult decision to close our Des Moines shop permanently starting later this month. 

Is Emily's Handmade Soaps closing altogether?

No! The retail shop is closing, but our soaps and bath goodies will still be available online. We may even pop up at some local shows and markets. You can also pick up our soaps on location with our retail partners (check out our list of stockists here). We're still mapping out our future on the eastern side of the state, but at the moment, we do not have plans to open a retail shop in the Spokane area. Of course, that may change at some point. ;-)

When is the shop closing?

The shop's last day open will be Friday, March 23. Right now we're open Thursday-Saturday 11-6 (during our winter hours). 

So is your shop going to be empty, or is someone else moving in?

We have another tenant taking over our lease as of April 1, so our space won't be empty for long. In fact, we've worked it out so that they're moving in while we're moving out! Stay tuned to our Facebook page for more info on the new tenants as we move forward. We love Des Moines, and we're so excited that our shop won't be an empty space after we leave!

Will you be offering any discounts in the coming weeks?

Why yes, we're glad you asked! We're offering 20% off storewide from now until the shop closes, no coupons or discount codes required. If you have unused gift cards, now is the time to use them! The discount can be combined with exiting deals (like our $4 off of 4 soaps deal), so you can save even more that way in case you'd like to stock up. We even have some new multi-colored chakra themed soap sets that the yoga enthusiasts and yogis in your life are going to love! 

Does the sale apply to online sales?

No, the 20% off storewide is for the retail shop only. Don't worry if you're an online shopper, though. We have some online specials coming for you next month once the move is over. 

Are you going to miss Des Moines?

Yes. So, so, so much yes. 

Spots are still open for our last painting class!

We're doing one more alcohol ink painting class with Amanda Allen on Saturday, March 10 at 6:00 p.m. More information and the link to sign up can be found here

The Most Important Thing

We want to thank the City of Des Moines and all of its wonderful people and businesses for your friendship and support over the past few years. The Des Moines community is truly something special, and we're honored to have been a part of it. 

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  • Rosalie Vennetti on

    Well, darn, looks like I’ll never get that wonderful Apple Rose soap that I’ve been hanging on to since Aug. 2016 !
    So sorry you’re gone.
    I gave your soaps for Christmas gifts while down there in December.
    All my best,
    Rosie Vennetti
    Angle Lake

  • Lori Parker on

    Hi Emily, just a shout out….wer so happy for all of you!, an of course will miss seeing ya! Xoxo lori, an mark

  • Judy Clirehugh on

    Hi Emily, I’m sorry, I’ve been missing your smiling face around town. I’ll have to get down to the store before it closes and stock up. Thanks for the info, good luck in Spokane.


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