6 Ways to Take a Pause from the Holiday Hustle

6 Ways to Take a Pause from the Holiday Hustle with Emily's Handmade Soaps


Between craft shows, festive gatherings with friends, holiday shopping, kid activities, and maintaining our house (or trying to), I've been incredibly busy these past few weeks! As a momtrepreneur, finding time to balance my business and personal life can be a challenge, but one I’m super grateful to take part in. I’ve been putting in a lot of time reading personal development books this year and have found that taking a pause when I start to feel overwhelmed has been a lifesaver for me. Here are some of the favorite ways to take a personal vacation. Taking care of myself gives me more energy to keep the business going and to be present for my family and friends. Bonus: Any one of these ideas is even better with you favorite music!


Take a Bath

Okay, in the interest of full disclosure I’m going to let you know that I actually substitute my hot tub for a bath. The downside is that I can’t add bath goodies like spa salts or bath tea to the hot tub, but I’m not complaining. 😉 Hot tub, hot springs, hot bath, whichever way you can find yourself in hot water, the better! I’ve found that there is very little that a nice warm bath can’t fix, especially when you use bath goodies to enhance your time off (think essential oils, Epsom salt, or bubble bath).


Breathe (or Meditate)

It's so simple, but sometimes I have to remind myself to do it. Just breathe! If I ever have a block of time by myself, I like to listen to guided meditations like Meditainment. It's a cross between meditation and entertainment. See what they did there? It's a great way to make 20 minutes really count in my day. After I'm done, I feel more focused and relaxed. Plus, I love the way the British narrator says "meditative."


Enjoy Nature

This one is simpler than it sounds. It's doesn't require a 5 mile hike or special gear. It could be as simple as a stroll in your back yard or taking a minute to appreciate the falling snow. It instantly makes me feel more grounded when I stop to take care of my tiny little herb garden or notice that the squirrels are chasing each other up and down the ponderosa pines in my front yard. Bonus points for taking a walk and racking up some exercise! Our husky absolutely loves the snow, so it’s always fun to see how excited he gets when we walk together in the snow. 


Do Something for Others

This one is my favorite because it's so easy to do and makes me feel really good. There are opportunities to be of service to other humans everywhere. It doesn't mean that you have to make a huge cash donation or volunteer all of your time away (although those things are really nice, too!). Helping others could mean offering a genuine smile and some patience to a harried cashier, offering to help someone who looks like they could use a hand, donating something you don't need but that someone else might treasure. It all makes a difference!


Experience the Holidays Like the Kiddos Do

My kiddos are 6 and 10 this year. As cheesy as it sounds, I can't deny the joy that I get from watching them experience the magic of the holiday season. Watching them meet Santa and Mrs. Claus, putting up Christmas (and Hanukkah, and Festivus, and...basically we celebrate everything) decorations, and counting down the days until Winter Break from school is a proverbial youth tonic. Just remembering how awe inspiring my early Christmas experiences were makes me feel at peace.


Bring a Beverage

The weather is icky, you're crazy busy, and the holiday rush has you a little frazzled. What you need is a really great beverage! Water is always good (stay hydrated!), but it's the holidays, so you should treat yo' self to something really great. If you're into tea, I’m loving this Rose City Chocolate tea from locally owned Winterwoods Tea Company right now. Into something caffeinated? I tried a Lavender Honey Latte the other day that was downright transcendental. My go-to favorite adult beverage these days is a nice Cabernet Sauvignon (this one is a red blend, but one of my local favorites right now), but if you're going for something a little more boozy, then really go for it with my favorite cocktail, the Manhattan.


How do you de-stress from the holiday hustle? Let me know in the comments!

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