Monday, January 12, 2015

Apple Rose Soap Using 'In the Pot' & 'Drop Swirl' Techniques

I just made a big batch of Apple Rose soap using a fun technique that gave some great results. Not only does the soap smell incredible (I used a 50/50 combination of Gingham Apple and Rose Garden fragrance oils from WSP), but the finished bars turned out looking even better than I had hoped.

Apple Rose soap in the mold, topped with a swirly design.
For this soap, I wanted subtle colors and a soft swirl that would complement the feminine scent and evoke the impression of fresh roses and greenery.  After blending my lye water, fats, and fragrance into a very thin trace I divided the soap into two containers (roughly 50/50, but one ended up a little larger than the other).  With each of the two containers, I parsed out approximately 1/3 into smaller containers.  Now I had four containers; two larger ones, and two smaller ones.

For colors, I used rose kaolin clay and titanium dioxide for one of the smaller containers, and a green oxide mixed with titanium dioxide for the other small container.  As you can see, it resulted in a light pink and a minty green.  With both of my colors mixed in the small containers, I proceeded to do an in the pot swirl into each of my larger containers (one green, one pink).  If you're not familiar with how an "in the pot" swirl goes, Bramble Berry's Soap Queen does a nice tutorial here.  It's pretty basic, but results in some lovely soap designs.

Now with my two large containers swirled in the pot, I poured my green combination into the mold. I then drop swirled my pink mixture into the mold.  (Here's a drop swirl tutorial if you're unfamiliar with the technique.)  Lastly, I swirled the top a little bit with my chop stick and put the mold to bed.

I cut the loaf today, and was so pleased with the results!  I think after some curing, the finished product will look even better.

Apple Rose soap, reminiscent of a rose bud.

This bar of Apple Rose soap looks like the silhouette of a tree against a sunset to me.
Yay for trying new things!  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

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