Monday, November 3, 2014

My First Sale!

My Etsy shop has been live for a little over a week, and I just got my first sale yesterday (thanks, Daniel)!  Woohoo! Things are moving right along with licenses, insurance, and branding now.  I announced my shop and Facebook page to friends and family yesterday, which to be honest, has been the most anxiety inducing part of this entire endeavor.  It's one thing to market to strangers, but it's quite another to put yourself out there to people who know you!

Now I'm just working on making amazing soaps (just finished a Cognac and Cubans batch yesterday that smells super manly) and waiting for my Pumpkin Swirl and Kringleberry soaps to finish curing so that I can put them on my site for the holiday season.  Busy, fun times!

And...what?  No pictures?  Here's one of my husband and I sharing a toast.  This actually took place when we refinanced our house a couple of years ago, but I'll post it here to toast my first soap sale, too.

Here's to my first official Etsy sale.  Cheers!

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