Friday, September 4, 2015

Autumn Soap Preview

I just got my second grader off to school, and my preschooler starts next week. The leaves are turning, my sweaters are out of their summer hiding place, and the crock pot is fired up. That's right, it's almost Autumn! I've crafted some soaps in seasonal favorite scents this year in honor of my favorite season.

Autumn themed soaps!

My Perfect Pumpkin soap is an obligatory autumn scent, but is anything but basic! I included real organic pumpkin puree in the soap for a little something extra. If you didn't already know, pumpkin is full of skin-loving goodness like alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidant Vitamins A and C, and Vitamin E.

I've also added some rustic hot process Apple Spice rounds to my lineup. These bucolic beauties fit well in the hand and have hints of spicy cinnamon. Apple Spice is my husband's recent favorite, so I can say with some confidence that the guys in your life will love this one, too!

Apple Cider and Fall Harvest soaps round out the seasonal selection. The Apple Cider is a sweet, feminine apple scent that I can easily see being a year-round favorite. Fall Harvest has a light scent with hints of apple, hints of pumpkin, and a tinge of earthiness to replicate the seasonal experience. I designed it with flecks of gold and brown that are meant to bring swirling fall leaves to mind.

From left to right: Fall Harvest, Apple Cider, Perfect Pumpkin, and Apple Spice.

These new soaps will be hitting my Etsy shop in the next few weeks. Now that cooler weather is upon us, I'll also be adding more bath products to my collection. Be on the lookout for more bath bombs and other bath goodies in the coming weeks!

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