Monday, December 8, 2014

Soap Making and Selling (Plus a Question for YOU!)

I finished my first bazaar this weekend, and although foot traffic was sparse, I really feel like I learned a lot.  The soaps that I thought would fly off of my table weren't always the favorites, and the ones that I was lukewarm on were big hits.  I was somewhat surprised that I sold out of some snowman bath fizzies that I made specifically for the event.  I'll definitely need to get on making more bath fizzies!

Today I'm back to #soap making.  I had to resist the temptation to spend my recently earned profits on a sale from one of my suppliers on essential oils.  Fragrances are my downfall!  I'm somewhat committed (to myself, at least - that's one great thing about being the business owner/sole employee of your own business) to using the materials that I have on hand before another big supply order.  I just finished a batch of Citrus Splash soap that smells so good I could practically eat it.

Citrus Splash soap in the mold.  It smells delicious!

Next on the proverbial agenda is finding another craft fair.  I think I found one in February that would work out well, but I'd have to sell quite a bit just to break even after paying the vendor fee.  I'll also need to work on my inventory!  That leads me to my question for YOU.  I have some clove essential oil that I have no idea what to do with.  It's not my favorite scent (it reminds me of pumpkin pie, and my imagination just can't seem to get past that).  What do you think would be a good fragrance to blend with it?  Please, please, please reply in the comments.  I need some input, people!  I'm thinking about a spiced orange scent, with orange, clove, and perhaps cinnamon essential oils.  Any ideas would be so very appreciated.

My soaps take at least 4 weeks to cure.  The waiting is the hardest part!
Lastly, here's what I have curing right now in my office:  Oatmeal Honey, Coffee, Eucalyptus Spearmint, Forest Rain, Pink Champagne, and Lemongrass Green Tea.  Once I unmold the Citrus Splash, I'll add it to the posse. The waiting is truly the hardest part in #soapmaking!

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