Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cold Process Coffee / Cappuccino Soap

Recently I had to reduce my caffeine intake, and I'm really missing the morning coffee ritual.  I still drink decaf, but dammit, it's not the same!  The solution of course, was to make some coffee #soap so that I could enjoy the aroma in the mornings.  As a natural bonus, the coffee grounds make a great exfoliant!

I used this recipe as a model.  I really liked the design element in this one. The layering is really fun, and makes for a playful bar that looks like a solid dose of cappuccino. This recipe relies only on coffee (ground and brewed) and fragrance and essential oils for colorants, yet it still showcases a drastic variety of hues.

You can see in the picture below how the two containers of soap have a subtle variation in color. The darker soap is colored only with brewed coffee and fragrance and essential oils (I left the nutmeg EO out, opting for cinnamon and clove instead).

Soap layered with finely ground coffee.  Check out the natural coloration of the darker soap
using only brewed coffee and fragrance and essential oils!
I sprinkled a little bit more coffee grounds on top of the "cream" layer for embellishment. 

Coffee soap waiting to be unmolded.
I left this one in the mold for two full days, since it was still a little on the moist side after one day. When I unmolded it, the soap was still pliable, similar to the consistency of cutting through a block of cheese.  In four weeks or so, this one should be ready to use!

Coffee soap with a coffee ground accent line.

Coffee soap that looks like a cappuccino cake.  

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